A special moment in Adi Sibhat

In a couple of days time we hope to share the wonderful news that water is flowing from the taps in Adi Sibhat.

Before that moment I wanted to share with you another story which illustrates what a wonderful impact the project has made.


On our very first trip to Adi Sibhat we spent lots of time filming and photographing the community members. Recently we shared those photos and films by leaving prints as gifts to thank the community for letting us into their lives.

I had the privilege of being able to sit down with 80 year old Birhane, Mana and her children, Asefu, Kasa and his family to show them the films and photographs we had brought.

Their reactions were all very different but equally special. Birhane and Asefu thought it was hilarious to see themselves on film and in print. The image of Birhane sitting outside her home, holding the computer and laughing at herself on film is one of my enduring memories of the community. ‘Why would anybody care about me’ she cackled!


Poignant moments

Mana and Getachew have a wonderful family and their five children are growing fast.

Photos and portraits are a rarity in such a rural community and it was incredibly emotional for Mana to be given a clutch of photographs of her family. The extended family quickly gathered and the photos were shared.


The next day when we arrived at the house I noticed that the photos were in a cubbyhole, where the family keep their most valuable possessions:

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    Trish Hayes says:

    This is a wonderful bit of filming, which really shows us the people. Truly wonderful. Thank you.

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