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Welcome to The Big Pipe Project

This winter we’re inviting you to join us behind the scenes of a live WaterAid project – happening right now in the small village of Adi Sibhat, in northern Ethiopia.

You can join the community on an inspirational journey – as they help install clean, safe water points in the heart of their village for the very first time.

You will meet some amazing people and see first hand their daily struggle to care for their families and sustain their livelihoods, simply because of a lack of safe water close to the village.

You will see transformation in the making, as the community moves from living life on the edge to feeling on top of the world with clean, safe water flowing in their community for the first time.

We’ll meet people as they dare to dream of a future beyond the daily struggle of collecting drinking water; an education, the chance to make a decent living, being healthy. The things that are all too often taken for granted in our lives will become the new reality for the people of Adi Sibhat.

We’re inviting you to share in their joy and join them on their journey.

Be part of the story

Our small team in Adi Sibhat, Yared Hagos and Behailu Shiferaw, will be using basic mobile phones to send real-time updates directly from the community, sharing the progress of the project as we install hundreds of meters of pipework, construct a small reservoir and dig latrines. We will be sharing pictures on the blog all taken by Behailu, Yared, Guilhem Alandry and Neil Wissink.

Our project will harness the unforgiving landscape using gravity to bring clean water down the mountainside right to heart of the community. You can be right there at the joyous moment when clean, safe water flows from the taps for the first time, simply by following this blog.

Let me introduce you to the community.


All images on The Big Pipe Project blog copyright WaterAid/photographer.