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Adi Sibhat. Breathtaking scenery, a heartwarming story.

Deep within the highlands of Tigray sits the small village Adi Sibhat. A punishing 35 minute hike from the nearest road, the village consists of around 800 people. Many earn a small income from selling butter at the nearby market, but most live from the land they farm.

Collecting water is a daily struggle. After clambering over the rough ground the women of Abi Sibhat must wait their turn to collect water from the trickle that’s available. People and cattle alike share this water source and jostle for position to be able to collect enough to drink.

Everybody fears the same thing; leeches. Although it looks pure, the only source of water here contains leeches and bacteria. Many filter the water through their clothes, but for their cattle swallowing a leech is a daily threat, and one that could kill them. For the people of Adi Sibhat, cows are their most precious possession – their livelihood.  For a family who have little else, losing a cow could mean losing everything.

In their own words Asefu, Getachew, Mana, Birhane, Behafta, Kasa, Takele and others will share the stories of their daily lives. You will meet their families, join them as they collect water and be right there with them as they lay the pipes, build a reservoir, construct latrines and do the demanding work needed to bring clean water to the heart of their community.


Jeremy Gibson

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