An amazing place to tell a story

Over the last few months we have been sharing the progress of the people and the project work in Adi Sibhat. While the landscape itself is challenging and the village is very remote, we have been made to feel welcome and the community have been happy to share their stories.

Yared and Nigsty from our partner staff have been in the community most days, overseeing the construction work and documenting the changes using mobile phones and flip cams. Every week or so their  images and footage have been downloaded and sent by email to WaterAid’s Addis Ababa office, where my colleague Behailu translates and uploads the content to be shared on this blog.

Behailu has also visited the community three times, sometimes staying overnight with one of the families to make the most of his time there. Behailu is in Adi Sibhat right now so he can capture the moment when the taps are turned on for the first time. The footage he collects will be uploaded to the internet from Mekele, the nearest big town.

A number of you have already sent messages to the community and Behailu will be sharing these on this trip. He will report back in the coming days.

In such a remote location like Adi Sibhat there is no electricity and virtually no mobile phone signal. Luckily, Behailu has found one place from where he can just about send a text message or tweet:


We jokingly call it ‘the magic rock’! It’s located in the compound of the highest house in Adi Sibhat. The family who live there are happy for Behailu to climb on top of this stone and send messages or make calls; the family dog, however, is less so!

So when we share Behailu’s photos and tweets over the next few days, the chances are he’s been fending off an angry dog while sending them…!

Jeremy Gibson

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    Trish Hayes says:

    Well done, that man! He does not deserve to be bitten: we hope it does not happen.

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