Behafta is 15 years old and she is Asefu’s cousin. She dreams of becoming a teacher.

School is so much more than lessons

The school is an hour’s walk away, and has already benefited from a water project which means it has clean water and, most importantly for a teenage girl, a safe toilet.

“If I am at home I defecate on the field, but at school we have toilets so I prefer to go at school. I don’t yet menstruate.”

Daily grind

Collecting water takes around a hour, and unless she has an early start at school Behafta must make the perilous trip before she goes to school.

She knows that her only chance of a better life is health and education. “I get tired and feel sleepy when I’m at school after collecting water, and it’s hard to understand teachers because I am tired, so it is hard to get an education.”

Simple steps to a brighter future

The gravity flow system will bring clean water to the heart of Adi Sibhat. We will also work with the community to construct safe latrines, which will give dignity and make the village much healthier.

“If we have clean water nearby I’ll become healthy. I can wash my clothes and body, my body will be strong…. I will be well.”

Jeremy Gibson