Meet Getachew, 44, a farmer and proud family man with an incredibly powerful story to tell.

He swallowed a leech

“I didn’t know there was a leech in the water, so I drank in and started to feel discomfort. I was starting to be sick with blood.” With no healthcare or money to pay for treatment Getachew had to rely on the local technique of having a wire hook put down his throat by a local elder to remove the leech. He was in agony and couldn’t work on his farm.

Family life

Although it’s a constant fear, swallowing leeches is thankfully rare. Hardship and worry for his family however are all too common. Day to day life is spent on the edge of crisis. If the rains fail then the family can’t grow crops and will be forced to sell their only valuable possessions, a cow and an oxen. If the animals become sick they have nothing. If he becomes sick Getachew can’t work, if his family become sick he can’t afford to pay for medicine.
Clean water will bring health and a better life for his wife, Mana, and children he loves so dearly.


Jeremy Gibson

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