It all starts with water

Water is fundamental; vital for life, health and agriculture. The farming community of Adi Sibhat in Ethiopia face a daily struggle just collecting enough water to keep themselves nourished, their livestock fed and their children clean.

This winter, we at WaterAid invite you behind the scenes on a live project which will fundamentally change life in Adi Sibhat forever. The community will share the stories of their daily lives and you can join them on their inspirational journey as they get clean water for the very first time.

WaterAid/ Guilhem Alandry

Mana’s day is dominated by the daily burden of collecting and carrying water.

Meet Mana, mother of five children. As with many Ethiopian women, the responsibility of collecting water for the whole family lies solely with Mana. The treacherous journey dominates her time; to ensure the family eat meals prepared with fresh water, she visits the water source three times a day. “I collect 25 litres each time I go”, she explains; “and carry the water on my back – tying a rope around my chest to secure it.” She’s done this since she was five and her right arm is showing signs of severe damage. Safe water at home would transform Mana’s life, giving her more time to care for her family, keep them healthy and go to work.

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