Meet Kasa and his six year old daughter Bri. Kasa is a farmer who needs water to keep his cattle healthy and to irrigate the land. He has a large herd of six cows which produce enough milk to give him a surplus to sell at market. He also grows wheat which he harvests by hand and with the help of his ox, Kasa’s most prized possession.

The water both humans and animals drink is infested with leeches which the animals sometimes swallow. Just last year he nearly lost an ox and a pregnant cow when they drank leeches. “The ox drank 12 leeches so it couldn’t plough, without the ox I couldn’t work my land”. It cost Kasa a week’s wage to buy medicine.

Kasa is a proud family man who works tirelessly to give his three daughters the best he can. Bri, his oldest daughter, is following in her father’s footsteps, and at only six years old can guide and care for the herd.

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