Tap stand and deliver

While the hired masons and Kasa put the final touches to the reservoir, others in Adi Sibhat have been focusing on building one of the most important things of all: the tap stands.

In Adi Sibhat there will be one tap stand with five taps. The structure is a simple stone block with four taps positioned so that a jerry can is easy to fill. A fifth tap is located lower down so that children, elderly and disabled people can access it.

Over time the whole structure will be fenced in so that animals can’t damage or pollute the area. The tap stand and washing area will quickly become the social hub of the community and will be one of its most prized assets.

One of the things which makes projects like The Big Pipe Project so successful is the simplicity and durability of the infrastructure which we build.

Gravity flow systems are particularly special as they needs no energy other than than that provided by the landscape to bring water to the community. In this short clip, WaterAid’s International Programmes Director tells us just how simple and effective gravity flow systems are:

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