Tekele hopes for a brighter future

Within moments of arriving in Adi Sibhat back in November we were joined by a young man called Tekele. Nothing was too much trouble for Tekele, he just wanted to be part of the team.

Each morning when we arrived, Tekele was at the roadside to help us carry our equipment up to the village.

When he wasn’t at school or working on the water point construction, he would come and hang around with the team. On each visit back to Adi Sibhat since, Tekele has always been around and always wanted to help. I got to know and really like him over the few days I was in Adi Sibhat. He’s in his late teens and still studying hard at school.

Big ambitions

The Big Pipe Project will have the biggest impact on young adults like Tekele, Asefu and Behafta.

They’re old enough to remember the sickness and hardship dirty water brought to their families and just at the age where they are starting out on their own adult lives. This is a time to decide whether to leave Adi Sibhat or stay and make a living there.

Asefu has a plan to open a clothes shop in the nearby town and with her successful small agricultural business she’s well on the way to succeeding.

Tekele wants to leave Adi Sibhat and study medicine before coming back to the area to practice as a doctor.

Tekele’s poem

On our second day, Tekele thrust a piece of paper into my hand. It was a poem he’d written for us. So we filmed it, stood under the tree right next to the site of the new water point – not yet started on our visit.

Here’s the translation:

Model of development

1- Their complexion is white

Their aim is forward looking

They are in possession of great knowledge

They are leading actors in innovative technology

All this, we have known since long long time


2- You crossed seas to come to the African nation of Ethiopia

You didn’t stop there, you came all the way to Tigray

We appreciate your work and commitment


3- We have a shortage of drinking water

Which poses the leading challenge for our health

Which creates so much inconvenience that it distracts us from our work

Let’s work now and solve it for good before it’s too late


4- May your support continue, may it continue to grow like a plant

So that we drink clean water, so that we stay healthy

So that we be in health, so that we will be able to dream


  1. #1
    howard says:

    Wonderful to see the joy on the villagers faces. As my mum always said ‘ water is Gods wine’ and when you see the happiness on their faces I now understand what my mum meant. Wonderful

  2. #2
    Trish Hayes says:

    Profound and moving. How appalling that these people have not had access to what should be everybody’s birth right.

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