Thank you Thunderclappers

With The Big Pipe Project we want to raise £1million to change the lives of over 130,000 people in rural Ethiopia. That’s a really big challenge and we need as many people as possible to get on board and be part of it.

Over the last week we have been asking our supporters to simultaneously share our campaign on their social media profiles using a tool called Thunderclap. We hoped that 250 people would do it. Nearly 2,000 wonderful people took part!

Together we reached nearly a million people

Today something special happened. At 2pm we ‘clapped’ our message across the social networks of more than 1,800 supporters. The Big Pipe Project film was shared to a social media audience of 815,000 people! Thank you so much for giving the project the best possible start.

Please keep sharing

The people of Adi Sibhat are ready to share their story. We will join them as they take on the challenging work the project will bring. Laying pipes, building a reservoir and digging latrines. All these tasks have to be fitted in around the day to day work of eking a living from the tough surroundings.

The community can’t wait to get started and they’re keen for you to be part of their story. Our local staffer Behailu will be in Adi Sibhat every couple of weeks and will do all he can to answer your questions, and share your comments. So please keep following and sharing.

You can leave comments on this blog, follow us on Facebook, or tweet using the #bigpipeproject hashtag.

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