The reservoir is nearly finished!

Over the last few weeks since the harvest finished in Adi Sibhat attention has turned to getting the main construction tasks completed. The biggest job of all is building the reservoir.

This stone and concrete cube is nearly 1.8 meters tall and will hold over 10,000 litres of water. The sheer weight of all that water alone means that the structure needs to be well built and secure. This is the one part of the project where the work isn’t all being done by community members themselves.

Yared has brought in a local mason to act as a foreman and a couple of local builders to work on this part of the project. That’s not to say that the community members aren’t involved.

It turns out that Kasa has found some new skills as a mason and has learnt the art of plastering. Other community members have also donated their time and energy to carry the sand cement and strengthening rods from the roadside.

This part of the project has been tough work and everybody is relieved to see it so near completion.


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    Michael Hertel says:

    Please pile material ( dirt or mixture of dirt and rocks packed tight) against the out side of your reservoir I do not know but expect the rebar will in time rust and it will fail unless you do.

    If you can obtain a plastic or rubber sheet to line the inside of the tank to reduce leakage, rusting and contamination.

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