Welcome to the Big Pipe Project

The Big Pipe Project aims to raise £1 million to bring safe water to 130,000 people in Ethiopia.

We’re going behind the scenes in the community of Adi Sibhat. In their own words, the community members will share the stories of their daily lives. You will meet their families, join them as they collect water and be right with them as they lay the pipes, build a reservoir, construct latrines and do the demanding work needed to bring clean water to the heart of their community.

Donate now and every pound you give will be doubled.

Thanks to two generous WaterAid donors, every pound you give to the Big Pipe Project will be doubled! Together, we can provide enough pipes and water points to bring about powerful and lasting change across Ethiopia.

I’m not just inviting you to follow the story, I’m asking you to be part of it.

Using simple mobile phones, we’re going behind the scenes to the heart of Adi Sibhat sharing the unfolding story with pictures and films taken directly by the community members and WaterAid staff. We will share your questions and messages with the community members so please leave comments or tweet us on #bigpipeproject hashtag and we’ll do everything we can to get a response. If you like what you see please tell your friends, we want to share this inspiring story with as many people as possible.

Over the next few weeks you will get to know wonderful people like Getachew and his wife Mana. You will meet 15 year old Behafta who dreams of becoming a teacher, and the truly amazing Birhane – at 80 years old her body is failing her, but her mind remains sharp as a pin.

These are just a few of the people who are opening a window into their lives and sharing their hopes and dreams as they work towards the better future clean water will bring.

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