We’ve done it – Adi Sibhat has clean, safe water

It’s Christmas Day in Ethiopia today. Children in Adi Sibhat are waking to a very different and profoundly better future than they could have imagined just a few months ago. Theirs is the gift of clean safe water and all the wonderful things which come with it. Health hope, dignity and the time to build a brighter future are being enjoyed in Adi Sibhat, right now – and it’s thanks to you.

Time to celebrate














The community have warmly accepted us into their lives and happily shared the journey they have been on. Just a few days ago amidst celebrations and dancing the official ceremony took place, switching on the taps for the first time. My colleague Behailu captured the celebrations for us in the fantastic film at the top of this post.

After the official proceedings, such as erecting a sign, cutting the ribbon and ceremonially turning on the taps, the dancing got underway. Moments like this just aren’t possible without your support and from the bottom of our hearts; Behailu, myself and the whole team at WaterAid thank you.

Clean water will mean different things for each of them. For 80 year old Birhane it will mean re-discovering an independence she lost long ago. For mothers like Mana and Mulu clean water will mean that their children will be healthier and cleaner. And for the children themselves like Tekele and Behafta – the task of fetching water just got a whole lot easier meaning they can be sure to get to school on time.

We’re not stopping here

Over the next year, the money you have raised will help us bring clean water to 130,000 people in hard-to-reach communities.

In Adi Sibhat the hardship and fear collecting and drinking dirty water used to bring is being replaced with hope for a brighter future. Improved health, hygiene and harvests are the new reality for this hard working community – and they deserve to enjoy it. We won’t stop until everyone everywhere has clean water.

Thank you for taking part

Over the last few weeks you have been part of this wonderful story. You have generously given, sent messages to the community and shared their stories on your social media profiles.

Together we have raised over £1 million for the Big Pipe Project. Without your generosity, your voice and your compassion this project simply couldn’t have happened.



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    Michael Murphy says:

    Fresh, clean water is one of the most vital resources and it is so often taken for granted in Europe, North America and elsewhere. We need water to drink, wash ourselves and our clothes, cook our food, water our plants to grow food, and for sanitation purposes. It is more valuable than oil. You are doing splendid work in bringing water supplies to places in the world where it is not so easily available.

  2. #2
    john sugden says:

    Fantastic! well done! All children should have easy access to clean drinking water regardless of where they live.The fact that millions continue to die,is the single biggest unavoidable tragedy,and a crime against humanity.

  3. #3
    Colette Breeze says:

    Well done to Water Aid for all it’s hard work,it was a pleasure to give a little!

  4. #4
    sadiqa says:

    This really warms my heart. I pray that more access to water becomes available.

  5. #5

    Totally thrilled a the outstanding success of this appeal, and the difference it will be making to so may lovely people, who all deserve an equal right to clean water. Brilliantly implemented Water Aid and all who have contributed,- keep on doing what you do so well !!

  6. #6
    Wollette Eyesus says:

    God bless you all!!! That is such wonderful news and on such a blessed day! Thanks for sharing your experience with us ++!

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